Rushing through the hallways of United Ministries, two dozen leaders from some of the top businesses in our community are learning first-hand the struggles that working families go through in Greenville County. The scene is something akin the “The Amazing Race,” with small groups of people moving from office to office holding note cards that tell them who they “are” — a recently homeless single mother with a 12-year-old son, or a middle-aged veteran...

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Earlier this month, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Director of the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Christian Soura, other state officials and leaders from the private sector announced the nation’s first Pay for Success project aimed at improving health outcomes for mothers and children living in poverty, and the first Pay for Success project of any type in the South.

The South Carolina...

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Erin Hagan, an AmeriCorps member serving in Boiling Springs at Upstate Family Resource Center, has an incredible story to share. Embodying the AmeriCorps motto, Erin proved that we are all able to “get things done!” when we go that extra mile for our community.

AmeriCorps is an opportunity provided by the Corporation for National and Community Service for people of all backgrounds to give a year of service to their community. The AmeriCorps...

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VITA wants to take the hassle out of tax season.

If your family makes less than $54,000 a year, then a volunteer certified tax preparer can help file your tax return this season and make sure you get the biggest possible refund.

For free.

Nearly 300 dedicated volunteers make up VITA (Volunteer Income Tax...

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How much does a person or family need to earn if they’re going to break the cycle of poverty and build a Cycle of Success?

For more than 50 years, our country has been calculating poverty based on one number: the monthly cost of food. Back in 1963, food was typically the single biggest cost a family faced, so that made sense. But the pressures on today’s household budgets come not just from food, but also from housing,...

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United Way of Greenville County’s mission is to promote the Cycle of Success in our community. This Cycle of Success starts with School Readiness and making sure that children from enter school prepared to learn and succeed so that they may go on to the next major milestone, High School Graduation. A high school diploma is an essential part of post-high school success and creating Financial Stability, where households are self-sufficient and able to...

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